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This news story, featured on CBS, highlights a personal injury case represented by attorney Lynn C. Harris. A seven year old Salt Lake city boy was struck in the head with a baseball bat at a baseball game, resulting in permanent brain damage. Lynn Harris successfully took this case to trial and won, resulting in the USSSA owing the boy and his family a compensation payment of six million dollars.

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Dalton: That's my nickname. Interviewer: This was Dalton Nielson a little over three years ago, in a hospital recovering from a brain injury. Dalton's mother: it was very hard. We didn't know what was going to happen the first couple of days. He had quite a few ups and downs. Interviewer: The 7-year-old boy was hit in the head with a baseball bat by a batter on deck during an adult softball tournament. He underwent emergency brain surgery. Dalton's father: I think that was what run through my wife and I's minds is the very worst. Interviewer: Doctors called Dalton's recovery miraculous, but an attorney for the family said the boy has permanent brain damage. Harris: Well, he has a walnut sized hole in his brain. Interviewer: Harris says Dalton struggles in school and attends special education classes . . . Harris: He'll need assisted living when he's older. He won't work a regular full-time job. Interviewer: Dalton's family filed a lawsuit. During the trial, there were arguments about whether or not the umpire invited Dalton onto the field. And this week, a jury determined that United States Specialty Sports Association owes Dalton more than $6 million. Lawyer: All I can tell you is I was shocked at the size of the verdict. Interviewer: The attorney for USSSA says it's not over yet. Lawyer: There will be closed trial motions, and depending on what happens with those motions, an appeal. Interviewer: Harris says Dalton will use the money for things like treatment, tutoring, and assisted living down the road. Harris: We really appreciate the fact that a jury of nine people, took five days, and listened to all of this.

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