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Jon - Medical Malpractice Testimonial

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This is a testimonial from Jon, whose wife received legal aid from attorney Lynn C. Harris after she experienced medical malpractice. Jon's wife was in a car accident, and after a treatment from her doctor, her spinal cord was left permanently damaged. Jon and his wife are pleased with the representation they received from Lynn Harris and advise anyone in need of a Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer to consider his services.

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The case involved my wife actually. My wife went in to a doctor after a car accident. He had some special type of therapy that he thought she had to be engaged in and he stuck a needle into her spinal column which caused severe pain in her left arm. It’s a permanent spinal cord injury, so the pain is still there. After this happened my wife was in really severe pain and we went back to the doctor the next day. She didn’t sleep at all. We’d been in the emergency room all night. We went back to the doctor and he said don’t worry, it’s fine, it’ll heal itself. We went back to him for about three weeks and nothing got better and the pain was still really severe. We just happened to go out to dinner with some friends one night and were telling them about this. They had used Lynn in the past and said not only for our sake in preventing the doctor from doing this again in the future but mostly because Lynn would be able to help us find the right doctors. Whenever I had questions, I got answers. Whenever I left messages, the calls were returned the same day. If it wasn’t for Lynn I think we probably would’ve given up because of the emotional and personal attacks that we had against us. He fights the fight. I don’t know of very many people that would keep fighting as hard and as diligently as Lynn did. He kept us going both emotionally through the process and kept our case going with the strategies that he had and really pushed the issue that we need to be honest through the whole thing, but we can’t give up because we’re in the right. I work with attorneys all the time, and not only would I recommend Lynn, but I have recommended Lynn to my friends and family. Lynn I think is one of the very best that I’ve met, and I would recommend him and I do recommend him.

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