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If a client believes they have a valid claim, they need to seek legal advice immediately, before a statute of limitations occurs. A statute of limitations is basically the legal term for a deadline, and a person only has a short window of time to report a claim. Please contact Salt Lake City lawyer Lynn C. Harris for assistance with any of your personal injury claims, before it's too late.

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One of the reasons that it is important for you to seek legal advice from somebody soon after you’ve been harmed either in a medical malpractice context or an auto collision context are deadlines. The fancy word for that, the legal term is called statute of limitations. What we mean by that is that there comes a time under the law by statute or by case law that your case just vanishes. It gets old. You can’t file it. If you haven’t preserved your claim, the claim is lost. From a lawyer’s standpoint and from a layman standpoint, it is a mine field. It is an area of the law that you can make serious costly mistakes. Statute of limitations are different. There is not one statute of limitation that covers all injuries. There are probably 10 or 15 statute of limitations that cover different types of injuries. There is a shorter statute of limitations under medical malpractice than there is for an auto case. There is even a shorter statute of limitations if you’re seeking relief from a state hospital or a state governmental agency, suing the city, or the town, or the state. It is absolutely imperative that you understand that there are deadlines, that you realize there are deadlines, and that you seek out and get legal advice as soon as possible to make sure that your claim is preserved and that your claim can be then filed and pursued to the end through an appropriate either trial or settlement.

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