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UM vs. UIM Insurance

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If you have been in a car accident, personal injury attorney Lynn C. Harris may be able to help. Mr. Harris and his Salt Lake City team will typically file claims against both the person who ran into the client, as well as the client's own insurance company. This ensures maximum benefits for the client. When a client files claims against their own policy, they are filed under UM (uninsured motorists protection) and UIM (underinsured motorist protection).

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It’s also important for you to understand the aspects of UM insurance and UIM insurance as you proceed through your auto collision recovery. The main focus of any lawsuit is against the person who ran into you, the person who was at fault and his insurance company. That’s called a liability insurance company. That’s where the main initial focus stays and remains until that part of the case is resolved. Eventually you may have the opportunity to make claims against your own policy under what are called UM, uninsured motorists protection, and UIM what are called underinsured motorist protection. That is a premium that you’ve paid, benefits that you’re entitled to, and we invade those and seek compensation from those in probably 50-60% of the cases that we handle. So I want you to be aware of that and be aware that we will be making both claims against your own company as well as the defendant’s company.

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