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Whether a client has been in a car accident, has suffered a personal injury, or has been the victim of medical malpractice, the Salt Lake City practice of Lynn C. Harris is ready to help. Mr. Harris and his dedicated staff will ensure that each client gets the appropriate medical and professional help for their injuries. Regardless of what case or lawsuit the client is pursuing, we will make sure they receive the quality care they deserve.

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One of the questions I'm asked especially in the context of the medical malpractice cases, "Well, Mr. Harris, will I be able to receive medical care if I file this medical malpractice case? Will other doctors and nurses and therapists treat me? Do I have to not file this claim in order to receive and continue to receive appropriate medical care? The answer to that question is yes, you will get medical care. Doctors have personalities. Some are a little easier to work with than others, but there are lots of doctors in the state of Utah. There are lots of doctors in the inner mountain west. We will get you to the appropriate physicians who will take good care of you, and you can do both. You can pursue a medical malpractice claim for you or your family member or your baby and at the same time receive excellent care. Most doctors are open minded. They understand mistakes happen and that people have a right to file claims for those mistakes, and it's been my experience for almost 30 years that care is given. We can get you quality care, and any concerns you have on that regard can be put to rest.

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