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The practice of Harris & Carter specializes in cases and lawsuits that deal with personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death. Attorney Lynn C. Harris has over 28 years of experience representing these clients, and yet there is still no definitive answer as to how long a case will take. Each case is unique and a number of factors, such as the extent of bodily injury and the amount of recovery time needed, will determine the length of a case. Please contact our Salt Lake City practice so we may begin evaluating your case today.

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Along with the question of, 'What is my case worth?' I also am asked, 'Well, how long will this take?' And, once again, I'm going to have to give you the proverbial lawyer answer. It depends. It depends on you. It depends on the scope of your injuries, it depends on how you respond to treatment, and it depends on what the doctors tell us as to what additional treatment you need or don't need. The typical automobile case, if there is such a thing, but the typical automobile case is usually ready to be resolved in about six to seven months. And it usually takes the body that long to heal, and we can't settle your case until such time as you are plateaued, what it's called. You're not going to get any better; you're not going to get any worse. The more seriously injured you are, if you have head injuries, brain injuries, more serious back injuries, then it's going to take substantially longer than just the few months that it takes for a "routine" auto case. So I wish I could give you a better answer to that. When we sit down and talk sometime and I know more about your injuries and more about your past medical history and your age and your health, I can give you a much better estimate at that time.

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