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Medical malpractice attorney Lynn C. Harris commonly receives questions from people about the worth of their claim. Since each claim is unique and requires months of preparation and evaluation, there is no set amount for the worth of a particular type of claim. Prospective clients are urged to contact our Salt Lake City practice so we may begin evaluating your claim immediately. We look forward to helping you receive the appropriate compensation for your case.

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One of the many questions that I get when people come in, curious as to whether they have a claim or not, is what is my claim worth, and I'm sorry to say I have to give you a lawyer answer to that claim, and that is, each claim is unique. Some claims are worth a great amount of money. Some claims are worth a smaller amount of money. They are all unique. Now how do we go about preparing that claim? Well, first of all, if you've just recently been in an injury, I can't really tell you what your claim is worth for several months, sometimes four to six months, until such time as you've completed your medical care, gone through your physical therapy, had your evaluations by medical doctors, and we get a grip and a firm understanding as to what the nature and extent of your injuries are. Then we have to say, well, how do these injuries affect your ability to earn an income? How do they affect your ability to recreate, to exercise, to pick your children up, to pick your grandchildren up, to function as a human being? Over a period of time, we can come to a ball park figure as to what we think your case is worth, but I'm sorry I can't give you a straighter answer than that, but it takes time. Each case is unique, and we will do our best to make sure that you get full compensation and you get 100 percent of what you're entitled to, whether it be a large amount, a medium amount, or a small amount.

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