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Lynn C. Harris and his team of personal injury attorneys have been assisting Salt Lake City clients for almost 30 years. If a person has been in an accident and is questioning whether or not to seek legal representation, Mr. Harris and his team will almost always say "yes." Insurance companies will do everything in their power to deny, delay, or minimize claims against them, so it's important for victims of personal injury to seek help immediately from a trusted professional.

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Probably the most common question I’m asked when we get phone calls is, “Do I need a lawyer? Do I need a personal injury lawyer to help me after I’ve been involved in a collision?” The short answer to that question is yes, absolutely yes, and let me explain why that is. Insurance companies are the main culprit on the other side of the table. Although you may have been hit by a sweet little grandmother or a 16-year-old teenager or a truck driver, the bottom line, the people who we deal with and settle the claim with are insurance companies. Insurance companies in the world and in this nation are billion-dollar companies. They have assets and a whole system of how to adjust claims and deal with claims, and you need to understand that they have claim adjusters, lawyers, accident reconstruction people, medical people all with the goal to do usually one of three things, either deny your claim, delay your claim, or minimize your claim. It is only appropriate that you have legal representation who knows what they’re doing, whose been down the road before, who can fight the battles that you need fought and represent you. The issue is to try to level the playing field. When you start into this case, start into being injured it isn’t level. You’re a single individual person against a billion-dollar insurance company, and despite the fact they say they’re your good neighbor, they’re not. They’re anything but your good neighbor, so you’ve got both the short answer and the long answer, but if you don’t hire me, hire somebody. You need expert help in going through the maze that is a personal injury case.

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