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At the legal firm of Harris & Carter in Salt Lake City, Utah, Lynn C. Harris and his team are dedicated to giving each client a customized treatment plan and expert personal care. We have a team of associate attorneys, paralegals, medical experts, claims specialists, and other qualified professionals to help our clients succeed.

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Many times I’m asked to describe my firm and describe exactly what it is we do here at Harris & Carter and what I do if you retain me as your personal injury attorney. You need to be aware that I have a staff of paralegals, I have a staff of associate attorneys, I have nurse paralegals, I have a cadre of medical experts, all at my beck-and-call basically to help evaluate your claim and develop your claim. Again, each claim is unique. Each claim has to be handled separately, but there are back physicians, there are therapists, there are what are called physiatrists or rehabilitation doctors, there are neuropsychologists, there are neurologists, there are what are called life care planners or vocational rehabilitation individuals who come and evaluate you and your injuries, and all of that is culminated with an economic expert who helps me prepare an economic report of your damages; so although you’re only looking at me here today, you need to realize that we have a whole cadre of professionals who will help you develop your claim and once again get the insurance company to want to settle your claim rather than delay or deny your claim.

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