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Personal injury lawyer Lynn C. Harris has been representing Salt Lake City clients for over 28 years. Effective cases must demonstrate causation, which is directly linked to negligence. Without causation, a personal injury or medical malpractice claim will not be strong. Lynn Harris and his team are experts in helping clients identify personal injury causation.

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Now, let me move to the issue of causation. Many of us have run stop signs in our lives, and just because you run a stop sign, although you have been negligent in your action, you maybe get a ticket for that, your heart may race from running a stop sign, but unless you hit somebody and cause somebody some injuries, there’s no lawsuit. What we have to do is prove first that somebody ran a stop sign and second that somebody caused you injuries. Now how does that work? Well, any new injury that you’ve gotten from the episode of malpractice or an auto collision, all new injuries are deemed recoverable for. If they’ve made you worse (exacerbated it’s called) additional injuries, you can recover for them as well; so you have to tie the negligence with the causation for the first two elements of a personal injury claim.

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