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Lynn C. Harris is a personal injury lawyer who services the Salt Lake City region of Utah. His firm employs a strategic approach to win or settle cases with insurance companies. Mr. Harris and his firm will "burn the candle at both ends" for each client, meaning he and his firm will stay one step ahead of the game by both preparing to settle and also planning to go to trial. Either way, Lynn Harris and his team will be ready to represent their client against the big guys.

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In the context of representing you, it is my policy to do what I call “burn the candle at both ends.” What I mean by that is we have to work very hard to both settle the case and we have to work very hard to prepare the case for trial. Why is that, you ask? Well, most insurance companies will not settle your case unless they have a gun to their head, so to speak, which is a trial and a trial date. They have to have some type of deadline. They have to have some sort of meeting that they have to worry about, so we burn the candle at both ends. Now the nice thing about that situation is, in order to get your case settled we have to hire, retain medical experts, accident reconstruction experts, economists, life care planners, physiatrists, all of the people that help us develop our claim, and they serve dual purposes. They can help us get the information to get your case settled and resolved, and also, if we can’t get it settled and resolved as sometimes happens and we have to go to trial, those same experts will be used as trial witnesses; so my job is to again burn the candle at both ends. I commit to do that to you. The only way a competent personal injury attorney can get your case settled, is to make sure that the case is worked up both for trial and for settlement.

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