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Wrongful death cases are often emotional and hard to deal with. Fortunately, Lynn C. Harris, Attorney at Law, has almost 30 years of experience in providing Salt Lake City clients with exceptional wrongful death and personal injury representation. Mr. Harris and his team will provide each client with detailed legal advice and a strategic plan on how to best handle a wrongful death case.

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In the 28 years of practice I have also involved in a number of wrongful death cases. Wrongful death cases are obviously based on its name, arise out of the death of a loved one. I’ve handled death of infants, handled death of young children, husbands, spouses, grandmas, and grandpas. I’ve handled all of them. A wrongful death case is simply the title. You can have wrongful death medical malpractice cases. You can have wrongful death personal injury cases. You can have wrongful death automobile cases. There’s a short statute of limitations in a wrongful death, typically about 2 years in order to preserve your claim. The elements of a wrongful death claim are very, very similar. The damages are very, very similar as well both from an economic and non-economic standpoint. Again I’ve handled probably 50 or 100 of those over the last 30 years and will handle your case if you choose to hire me as well.

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