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As one of the top law firms in Salt Lake City, Utah, Lynn C. Harris Law specializes in handling personal injury cases. Automobile accidents, street-side accidents, and injuries caused by governmental entities may all fall under the umbrella of personal injury. With over 28 years of personal injury experience, Lynn Harris and his team have the tools to help clients succeed.

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For over 28 years in addition to handling medical malpractice cases I’ve also been handling what are called personal injury cases. Personal injury cases come from a multitude of places, the most common is an automobile case which we’ve already discussed. In addition to that there are claims where people get injured for governmental entities. For example, I have a case where a lady stepped on a manhole cover and the manhole cover was loose and down she went and did serious injuries to her legs, arms, and neck. I have a recent case where a young child was hit in the head with a baseball bat at a baseball game. All of those come under the purview of personal injury cases. They have the same basic elements as a medical malpractice case or any case in personal injury, that is, negligence that causes damages. They have to be worked up in a similar manner with gathering of medical records, investigation, experts retained, and the case worked up, again burning the candle at both ends to either get the case resolved and/or take the case to trial.

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