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The dedicated attorneys at Lynn C. Harris provide aggressive, yet professional representation to their clients. Mr. Harris and his team will use the right amount of "bulldog" force to get the job done, but in an ethical and professional manner. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, the practice of Lynn C. Harris specializes in representing personal injury, wrongful death, and medical malpractice cases.

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Many times I’m asked, “Are you an aggressive lawyer?” Apparently, from the layperson’s standpoint, you need to hire an aggressive lawyer. That’s the rumor out there at least. You need to know that one can be aggressive, one can be a bulldog. I consider myself a bulldog with regards to pursuing your claim. On the flipside of that, I intend to do that in a professional manner and in an ethical manner but to proceed to guide you through the medical aspects, the legal aspects, the insurance aspects, and the settlement aspects of your case; but yes, I will be as aggressive as my profession will allow and as aggressive as possible with regards to making the insurance company want to settle your claim for a reasonable and decent amount.

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