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Lynn C. Harris, Attorney at Law, has been practicing law in the Salt Lake City, Utah area since 1978. After learning from other lawyers and experts in the field of medical malpractice, Mr. Harris has made this type of case one of his practice's specialties, as well as personal injury and wrongful death.

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As far as a history of my practice, I graduated from law school in 1978. I graduated in a California law school and came back home. I was born and raised here in Utah in the Utah County area. Since that time I had a medical malpractice case walk into my office in 1978, a brain injury baby case. I went out and obtained expert help from what I call “gray hairs,” lawyers who had handled those cases before. I learned at their feet. I learned how to proceed, how to do depositions, how to file pleadings, how to get cases settled, how to find appropriate experts. That took off in 1978 and I’ve been doing that either in association with other lawyers or by myself or as a team for like I said for almost 28 years and I intend to do it in the foreseeable future as well.

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