Who Is Liable When Someone Falls on a Wet Floor at Work? By Lynn Harris on September 20, 2021

Someone falling next to a caution wet floor signWet floors are dangerous, especially in the workplace. When wet floors at work cause an employee to fall and get hurt, slip and fall attorney Lynn C. Harris can help injured parties get a fair settlement for their injuries and other related damages. 

In order to obtain the maximum compensation for injuries, it’s important to determine who is liable for the fall in the first place. Let’s take a closer look at wet floors and falls at work, as well as who is liable for these workplace accidents. We serve clients in and around Salt Lake City, UT, and Provo, UT.

Who Is Liable for Falls on Wet Floors in the Workplace?

When someone falls on a wet floor while at work, liability doesn’t automatically fall on the employer. Instead liability for a slip and fall accident on wet floors at work is determined based on the circumstances surrounding each accident. 

The Property Owner

Property owners are responsible for maintaining a property. If a wet floor was caused by the neglect of the property owner, the property may be held liable if someone on the property falls. 

In order to hold the property owner liable, they would first need to be aware of the issue, like a leaking pipe, and be given reasonable time to make the necessary repairs. 

If the property owner was aware yet failed to take necessary action, they may be liable in the event someone is injured.

The Employer

Like property owners, employers have a responsibility to keep their employees reasonably safe while at the workplace. When it comes to wet floors, this can mean providing supplies to clean spills, the placement of wet floor signs, training employees on how to handle spills, and promptly addressing maintenance issues.

When employers don’t provide proper supplies, training, or act negligently regarding wet floors, they may be held liable for an employee’s injuries in the event of a slip and fall accident.

The Employee

Sometimes a property owner or employer handles a wet floor properly but an employee will still fall. The employee may be partly or fully responsible for the fall if they saw a wet floor sign but ignored it and knowingly walked through the spill.

Do “Wet Floor” Signs Remove Liability?

No. A wet floor sign can be in place but an employer or property owner can still be held liable for a wet floor fall if: 

  • The sign was not visible 
  • The employee was forced to walk through the wet area on the floor due to obstacles blocking a dry path
  • The area was poorly lit so that the wet floor sign was difficult to see
  • The wet floor sign was not placed in the proper area

Find Out More About Your Options

Determining liability in a workplace wet floor accident is essential for recovering the full extent of damages an injured worker may be owed. If you have been injured in a wet floor fall at work, it’s important to speak to an attorney to determine who may be liable for your fall. Please call our Salt Lake City office at (801) 375-9801 to schedule your consultation and learn more about your legal options. 

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