Medical Malpractice in Radiology By Lynn Harris on December 18, 2020

digital x-ray of a patient’s skullMany people think of surgical mistakes and misdiagnosis by doctors when they hear the phrase “medical malpractice.” Yet medical malpractice encompasses all kinds of errors by medical professionals, which includes nurses, pharmacists, and radiologists. In fact, many people seek legal counsel from a medical malpractice attorney because of x-ray technician and radiologist negligence.

Attorney Lynn C. Harris has helped many people in Salt Lake City and Provo, UT, who have suffered because of a radiology mistake. Below we want to explore the role that radiologists may play in medical malpractice cases, and what legal damages can be sought in a lawsuit.

The Consequences of Radiology Mistakes

When a radiologist makes a mistake, it often contributes to these unfortunate consequences:

  • Misdiagnosis - This radiology error leads to the diagnosis of the wrong medical condition. This includes saying that a patient has a serious health problem even though they are healthy.
  • Failure to Diagnose - This radiology error means that the radiologist fails to identify and diagnose a medical problem that is clearly indicated in the x-ray.
  • Delayed Diagnosis - Failure to catch the signs of a medical problem in an x-ray could mean the condition is not diagnosed until months later. Such a delay can be dangerous, particularly for illnesses where early detection and treatment are crucial.

Examples of X-ray and Radiologist Mistakes

Mistakes with reading and administering x-rays can lead to a number of problems when it comes to diagnostic testing. Some examples of radiologist errors include the following.

Poor Quality Images 

If an x-ray technician is not properly trained or supervised, the x-rays can be wrong. This can result in poor images that make it difficult for physicians to identify and diagnose medical problems.

Misreading the X-ray

Radiologists may have a clear x-ray image, but fail to read it properly. They may miss important details in the image that are signs of a medical condition, or misinterpret what they are seeing as a sign of good health.

Lack of Necessary Knowledge

When reading an x-ray, it’s possible a radiologist encounters something they have not seen before or are unsure about. In such cases, the radiologist should consult with a colleague.

Failures of Communication

Communication breakdowns between radiologists and doctors can have serious effects on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions. Radiologists must act diligently to avoid miscommunication regarding their findings.

Proving Radiologist Medical Malpractice

In order to prove radiology medical malpractice, there must be a link established between the error made by the radiologist and the worsening medical condition of a patient. Keep in mind that a physician rather than the radiologist may be liable for the medical mistake. This is why having an attorney on your side to review the case is crucial.

Legal Damages for Radiology Errors

When seeking legal compensation for a radiology error, medical malpractice clients often seek damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. When medical negligence leads to the death of a loved one, damages are also sought to cover funeral expenses and loss of consortium.

The vast majority of medical malpractice cases are settled out of court. Your attorney can help negotiate a fair settlement that takes into account all the hardships you and your loved ones have endured.

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