Ski Accidents and Poor Trail Maintenance By Lynn Harris on March 11, 2020

A forestUtah is known for its beautiful mountains, particularly when it comes to winter sports. While skiing and snowboarding are fun winter activities, they can also be dangerous. Unfortunately, many people are injured in ski accidents each year. These accidents can have catastrophic or even deadly consequences.

Skiers are responsible for their own actions on a trail, but ski resorts are responsible for maintaining trails. If a ski accident is caused by poor trail maintenance, the resort may be held liable for accident damages. Attorney Lynn C. Harris can help accident victims in Salt Lake City, UT, Provo, UT, and surrounding areas as they seek to collect financial compensation for resulting losses.

Ski Resorts and Premises Liability

Skiing is an inherently dangerous sport, so individuals who choose to participate in skiing do take on some degree of risk. However, even though the sport has the potential for danger, that doesn’t automatically free a ski resort from liability if an accident occurs.

Like any other property, the owners and operators of ski resorts are subject to premises liability laws. Premises liability holds property owners accountable for maintaining a safe environment for visitors and guests. If an accident occurs and it is found to be caused by poor trail maintenance, or other issues linked to negligence on the ski resort’s behalf, premises liability laws allow victims to hold the resort liable for resulting accident damages.

Examples of Poor Trail Maintenance

Skiing takes place in the mountains, so there are bound to be hazards for skiers to consider, including trees, rocks, and animals. While a ski resort cannot remove all threats from a trail, they are responsible for designing and maintaining trails that minimize the risk of accidents and alert skiers to potential dangers. Examples of poor trail maintenance that can result in an accident for our clients include:

  • Poorly marked trails
  • Lack of visible signage, such as warning signs
  • Insufficient lighting for night skiing
  • Failure to keep machinery or other equipment at a safe distance from trails

What to Do after a Ski Accident

If a ski resort is responsible for a ski accident, it may attempt to conceal evidence to avoid financial liability. By taking some essential steps immediately following an accident, our clients can strengthen their case and improve their chances of receiving just compensation for accident damages.

The first priority after a ski accident is always medical attention. Even if someone feels like they are okay, it is important to be examined by a medical professional. Many injuries cause internal damages that may not be immediately obvious. If possible, accident victims should also:

  • Photograph the scene, including any hazards on the trail
  • Make notes of the circumstances surrounding the accident
  • Gather contact information from any witnesses
  • Get contact information for the ski resort
  • Document any injuries
  • Contact an attorney

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If you’ve been injured in a ski accident and believe that the ski resort may be to blame, it is important to contact a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Lynn C. Harris would be happy to listen to the details of your case and advise you on your best course of legal action. To get in touch with our legal team, call (801) 609-6972.

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