The Most Dangerous Types of Auto Accidents By Lynn Harris on July 09, 2018

Auto accidentIt is safe to say that most people would be happy to never be involved in an automobile accident. Car accidents can cause serious personal injuries, significant property damage, and financial losses. However, as far as auto accidents are concerned, there are definitely some that are more dangerous than others.

A minor fender-bender that occurs at low speeds is typically less damaging than a high-speed accident involving a commercial truck. Attorney Lynn Harris is experienced in representing clients that have been involved in auto accidents. He has a good understanding of the most dangerous types of auto accidents to affect our Salt Lake City, UT clients. Here, we go over the types of auto accidents that are likely to cause the most significant injuries and damages.

Head-on Collisions

Head-on collisions are widely regarded as the most dangerous type of auto accident. Head-on collisions occur when two vehicles traveling in opposite directions strike each other in the front.

This type of accident is particularly dangerous because it nearly always occurs when the vehicles are traveling at high speeds. The force of a head-on collision is likely to be severe, and commonly results in catastrophic injuries, including head, brain, neck, and spinal cord injuries.

Unfortunately, head-on collisions also commonly result in wrongful death. According to collected data, head-on collisions account for just over 50 percent of traffic deaths.

Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are another type of accident that is particularly dangerous. A rollover accident is any collision that results in a vehicle being tipped onto its side, or completely flipped over onto its roof.

Rollover accidents cause serious damage to the vehicle and routinely result in catastrophic injuries. According to data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 12 percent of people involved in rollover accidents suffer from an incapacitating injury, meaning one that prevents them from walking or performing other daily functions.

Nearly 50 percent of those involved in rollover accidents suffer from less serious injuries. However, one of the most startling statistics is that, although only around 2 percent of auto accidents result in a rollover, rollover accidents account for nearly one-third of traffic fatalities.

T-Bone Accidents

T-bone accidents are collisions in which the front of one vehicle strikes the side of another. T-bone accidents typically take place at intersections, which are one of the most common accident locations. T-bone accidents usually involve high speeds, but even low-speed T-bone collisions can be dangerous.

These types of accidents are dangerous because most vehicles lack adequate protection on the side. The front and rear of a car have bumpers to help absorb the impact of a collision, and airbags are placed in the front of driver and passenger seats. However, the side of a vehicle often has nothing to absorb the shock of an impact or protect the passenger.

T-bone accidents can result in injuries such as broken bones, brain injuries, and neck injuries.

Learn More

Car accidents can leave victims dealing with physical, emotional, and financial damages. If you have been involved in an auto accident and would like to learn more about your right to financial compensation for losses, contact us at your earliest convenience. Experienced attorney Lynn Harris will be happy to listen to the details of your case and recommend the most appropriate course of legal action.

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