Medical Malpractice: Labor and Delivery Mistakes By Lynn Harris on April 30, 2018

A newborn baby's footHaving a baby can be one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences in your life. The challenges are many, and it’s scary to consider that some of these challenges may arise during the delivery of your baby. When doctors in the delivery room make mistakes, it can change your life and your child’s life forever.

A Salt Lake City, UT medical malpractice lawyer can help you if your child has experienced a birth injury or if there were complications during labor and delivery. Let’s take a moment to consider potential forms of negligence surrounding the birth of a child.

Failure to Perform a C-Section

One of the major issues that may arise during delivery of a child is the failure to perform a c-section. Sometimes a c-section is necessary to save the life of the mother and child, particularly with difficult births. If a c-section is not performed soon enough or not performed at all, the results can be disastrous.

Infections After Surgical Delivery

If a c-section is performed, there may be an issue with infection after delivery, typically with the mother but potentially with the newborn infant as well. In such cases, the team in the delivery room may not have acted with proper care or caution when performing the procedure. This is not acceptable given the health of the mother and child after such a physically demanding moment.

Poor Use of Medical Forceps

When a child is in breech position or the birth is difficult, some doctors in the delivery room may use forceps to assist in the birth. If the doctor is not careful, they can cause serious harm to the baby. Forceps injuries may include skull fractures, brain injury, nerve damage, and soft tissue injuries.

Poor Use of Vacuum Extraction

If forceps are not used during a prolonged labor, some doctors may use a vacuum extractor instead. This medical device can lead to a number of injuries to a child if the delivery room doctor is not careful. Potential injuries from vacuum extraction include skull fractures, brain damage, shoulder injuries, and cerebral palsy.

Bone Fractures During Childbirth

Newborn babies are extremely delicate and must be treated with great care as they are coming into the world. If a child suffers bone fractures during birth, it would be from an act of negligence by the delivery room team. Even in difficult labors, bone fractures are unacceptable and could be avoided.

Failure to Notice Fetal Distress

Fetal distress refers to general indications before and after childbirth that a baby is not well. In many cases, fetal distress is linked to a lack of oxygen. Failure to recognize fetal distress can result in serious brain injuries to the newborn, which may have long-lasting or lifelong impacts on the child’s growth and development.

Problems with Medication

Spinal epidurals and the use of anesthetic have made the delivery process much easier on mothers. However, there is the potential of incorrect dosages being administered to mothers while in the delivery room. Too much or too little anesthetic can lead to serious problems, the former in particular given the risks a mother may face.

Negligent Postpartum Care

After a woman gives birth, there are many health issues to consider as her body recovers. Excessive blood loss is one of the key dangers to consider, and doctors must note any telltale signs that something is wrong with the mother while she is in their care.

Contact a Medical Malpractice Attorney

For more information about your legal rights and options after a difficult birth, be sure to contact an experienced medical injury lawyer. Our team is here to answer questions and address any concerns you may have about your legal options related to your health or your child’s health.

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