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How Your Social Media Presence Might Impact Your Personal Injury Case

Apr 28, 2016 @ 06:08 PM — by Lynn Harris
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An FAQ button on a laptop keyboardLynn C. Harris has built a strong reputation in the greater Salt Lake City area, offering expert legal counsel in personal injury cases and matters related to accident law. As the world grows more complex and interconnected, Mr. Harris has helped clients adapt to the new media and digital environment.

As it turns out, the things you do outside of court and outside of a legal office can have a major impact on legal proceedings. This is especially important when it comes to your presence on social media.

The Internet and Privacy: Be Wary and Be Wise

As we become more reliant on our smart phones, tablets, and general online media presence to function in this day and age, there are growing concerns over privacy. With all the information that's out there, it's important to ensure that only the people you want to have access to that info are able to see it. Sometimes leaks, hacks, or doxxing occurs, however, and it can be difficult to deal with those issues as they arise.

What's surprising about social media, however, is that we can sometimes bring unwanted consequences upon ourselves simply from regular posting and sharing.

The Dangers of Your Own Social Media Posts

Regular posting on social media is fun, and a nice conversation starter, but it does have a sometimes unseen cost. Regular users of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram know that sometimes people share too much, and if they have a lawsuit in progress, this information and sharing can undermine their case.

Say that you were the victim of an auto accident that resulted in serious injuries to your back and limbs. These injuries may be so serious that they require you major physical rehabilitation. If a photo of you running or dancing appears on your social media, it can call into question the legitimacy of your personal injury claim. There might be a context for the photo (e.g., it's old and was taken before the accident, it might been manipulated as a joke, etc.), but the mere presence of the photo can be damning and raise red flags.

How Others Can Use Your Social Media Against You

In addition to posting things you shouldn't, it's possible for interested parties to use the information on your social media sites against you. For instance, employment information and the contact information of friends and associates may be obtained through a LinkedIn profile. That party may be able to dig for information from these associates rather than from you directly.

Play It Safe: Choose Your Posts Wisely

Given the different ways that social media can work against you, it's important that you play things safe. Before posting anything online, think if it will affect your legal claim and what it says about your situation. If you should have any second thoughts about posting that item, it's probably a good idea to just not post it.

Some people use this as a good excuse to disconnect from social media or to take a break from social media. Both are often good ideas and they help you focus on what matters most.

Think of Your Privacy Settings

Another way to safeguard your social media presence is to check on your privacy settings. Be sure that only the people you want to have access to your photos and profile are granted access. It's a good way to help maintain as much privacy as possible online.

Ask Your Friends and Family to Be Responsible on Social Media

In addition, reach out to your loved ones and ask them to not post anything about you without your permission. If you explain your case and what's involved, they'll likely understand why they should be sensitive about any material that appears on your social media sites.

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