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Auto Accidents and Defective Tires: Holding Companies Accountable

May 29, 2015 @ 12:59 PM — by Lynn Harris
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An overturned carWhen accident victims meet with Lynn C. Harris, they will receive ample information on their legal options and entitlements. He has helped countless accident victims in the greater Provo and Salt Lake City region, seeking just compensation in lawsuits involving serious car accidents and other acts of negligence.

The driver of a vehicle involved in an accident is not always the responsible party. Sometimes design flaws in the vehicle itself or vehicle parts result in collisions. Such is the case with defective tires.

Never Take Tires for Granted

It seems so obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people forget that the condition of their tires makes a major difference. Be sure to have your tires rotated regularly and to replace them as recommended by the manufacturer.

These are things that you can do on your own to avoid major mishaps with tires when you are on the road, but what we want to focus on below are issues that are related to negligence on the part of tire manufacturers.

Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts refer to cases in which the tires suddenly burst and shred. The deflation is not gradual at all, and when driving at higher speeds, it's very easy to lose control of a vehicle as a result of a tire blowout.

Tread and Traction Are Crucial

Poor tire tread and issues with general tire traction can also make a difference when it comes to controlling your vehicle and being able to drive safely. Sometimes manufacturers do not have decent tread on their tires, resulting in poor traction and greater likelihood of losing control of your car, particularly on wet roads or during other kinds of poor weather.

In other instances, the tread may come off a tire, which is known as tread separation. A driver can lose control of his or her vehicle, and the tread itself may potentially become a projectile and strike other vehicles or motorists nearby.

Shoddy Workmanship and Poor Storage Can Cause Problems

When a tire is improperly made, it may not be suitable for the road. They have been a number of instances where a tire should not have passed QA and QC tests because of major flaws. This can make issues such as blowout and tread separation more likely.

Storage of a tire can also make dangerous structural conditions more likely. When a tire has not been stored properly, the rubber may be brittle and more susceptible to wear and tear, which means its overall lifespan may be shorter and roadworthiness suspect.

Suspension Issues Can Lead to Problems with Tire Balance

In addition to tire problems per se, it's also important to consider how problems with suspension can lead to tire problems. Poor weight distribution or a bad suspension system can place a major amount of weight on one tire more than others, making that tire more likely to blowout or experience other serious problems.

During accident analysis, a close look will determine the exact cause of a tire blowout and failure. These matters have to be taken very seriously by all parties involved.

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