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Auto Accidents Involving Seniors

Feb 16, 2015 @ 12:00 PM — by Lynn Harris
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Two cars in a head-on collisionEvery time a person drives in a car, they are at a potential risk of being involved in an auto accident. Collisions occur on a daily basis and are a known risk of driving an automobile. Unfortunately, there are many careless and reckless drivers who increase the risk of auto accidents and injury for others by making irresponsible and unsafe driving choices. While the severity of collisions may vary, almost all car accidents will result in property damage and/or personal injury. For some groups of drivers, the risk of being involved in an auto accident is even greater than for others. Statistics show that senior drivers are more likely than middle-aged drivers to be involved in an auto accident and also have a greater risk for serious injury when an accident does occur. Attorney Lynn C. Harris has experience representing cases in Salt Lake City involving auto accidents and seniors and can help clients understand their rights if they have been injured in an accident.

Statistics for Senior Drivers

Any driver, regardless of age, may be involved in or may be the cause of an auto accident. However, statistics do show that some groups of people are at a higher risk of being involved in a car accident, and this includes senior citizens. Below are some statistics that have been collected in regards to senior drivers and their involvement in auto accidents, as well as their chance of sustaining a serious or fatal injury in such accidents:

  • On average, 500 older adults are injured in a car accident each day and 15 seniors are killed in an auto accident each day
  • The fatality rate for senior drivers is roughly 17 times higher than those drivers aged 25 to 64 years old
  • While senior citizens account for about nine percent of the population, they are involved in close to fourteen percent of car accidents involving fatalities

Risks for Senior Drivers

Age alone is not a sign of unsafe driving, and, in fact, senior drivers have been shown to make many safe driving choices, especially in regards to wearing seatbelts and avoiding driving in unsafe driving conditions. However, there are factors that are more likely to affect older drivers and these may contribute to the increased risk of auto accidents involving senior citizens. Below are some factors that may account for the large number of auto accidents involving seniors and the high injury and fatality rate among this age group:

  • Slower reflexes
  • Declining vision
  • Memory problems
  • Use of medications and side effects of those medications
  • Weaker bones/decreased physical strength

With the risks that are involved for senior drivers, it is important for older citizens and their loved ones to be mindful of any impairment that may make driving more difficult. Many states require a reevaluation of senior drivers so that unsafe drivers can be taken off the road and the statistics of auto accidents involving seniors can be brought down.

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