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Participants in Premises Liability Case

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If some type of negligence causes personal injury to a person while they are at another person's property is considered a case of premises liability. Salt Lake City injury attorney Lynn Harris can provide expert representation in the event that such an injury occurs. Attorney Lynn Harris is acquainted with all aspects of premises liability litigation and can help victims obtain the compensation they deserve. 

Though the defendant is always the defendant in a premises liability case, many states designate a specific status to the plaintiff or visitor to the property. The role attributed to the plaintiff, be it licensee, invitee, or trespasser, will determine where liability lies in the event of personal injury.


The role of licensee means that the plaintiff enters the property to conduct personal business without the expressed consent of the property owner.  In this instance, premises liability dictates that the property owner is required to warn the defendant of any potential hazards but is not required to repair them. Typically, a licensee is a patron at a place of business.


An invitee is invited onto the owner's property.  In this situation the property owner is responsible for taking every reasonable precaution in ensuring the welfare of the invitee.  An invitee may be a guest at the plaintiff's home.

A trespasser refers to an unwelcome and unwanted visitor to the plaintiff's property who enters without any invitation or right to do so.  With respect to the property owner, premises liability cases may be more lenient in instances when personal injury occurs to a trespasser.  An example of a trespasser includes a thief or graffiti artist who has entered the property with the intent of commiting a crime.

If you have been injured on another person's property, either as a result of a slip and fall accident, fire, or another event, consult Salt Lake City wrongful death lawyer Lynn Harris. Contact our practice today for a case evaluation.

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