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Birth Injury Lawyer

Has your child's health and quality of life been permanently compromised by a birth injury?

Medical professionals and their insurance companies should be held responsible for the mistakes that permanently affected your child's life.

Birth injury lawyer Lynn C. Harris in Salt Lake City, UT, can hold those parties responsible and recover compensation for your family.

Important Steps To Follow After a Birth Injury 

Once you contact our lawyer, Mr. Harris, for your free consultation in Salt Lake City, we can advise you on the best steps to take throughout the entire injury case. Below are steps you should take immediately following the delivery that caused your child to become injured. 

Do Not Settle 

Even if the hospital or their insurance company offers you a settlement, do not accept. This payment will most likely not take into account your child's lifelong care and medical expenses. A lawyer works with medical experts and economists to recover the compensation that will be needed for the rest of your child's life. Do not sign anything until you speak with a lawyer. 

Keep Records of Everything 

Collect any information you have regarding your child's injuries. This includes medical records, bills, receipts, witness statements, and other documentation. This information will be used by our attorney to prove the full extent of your child's injuries and build a compelling case for maximum compensation. 

Contact an Attorney 

Hiring an attorney is especially important if your child is showing signs of a birth injury such as cerebral palsy, which could affect them throughout their lives. While the hospital and their insurance company will be interested in protecting themselves, your attorney will be focused on protecting your family's future in the wake of malpractice

Risk-Free Case Reviews


Our law firm works on a contingency basis, meaning we only make money if our personal injury lawyer wins your case. Scheduling a consultation and hiring our firm is a risk-free endeavor that can result in life-changing benefits. Our personal injury lawyer has been fighting for Salt Lake City victims' rights in birth injury cases for more than 30 years. He helps families and their injured children receive just compensation for their immense losses.

Did Your Child Suffer a Birth Injury? Don't Hesitate To Call Our Birth Injury Attorney

Mr. Harris is an attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah, who understands the emotional, mental, and financial toll a birth injury can have on both the injured victim and their family. We will work tirelessly to help you recoup the damages you are owed so it can soften the financial burden you now face. 

Mr. Harris has served Utah as a birth injury lawyer for more than 30 years. He will work diligently to help you achieve full compensation for the preventable hardships you and your family have been forced to suffer.

Contact our Salt Lake City, Utah, location if you are ready to take the next steps and file a birth injury lawsuit.

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Mr. Lynn Harris

Salt Lake City Chooses Us To Pursue Justice

Our personal injury lawyer has been fighting for Salt Lake City victims' rights in birth injury cases for more than 30 years. He helps families and their injured children receive just compensation for their immense losses.

Our Birth Injury Attorney Will Fight for Your Rights

Over Three Decades in Practice

Mr. Harris has spent over 30 years in the legal field. During this time, he has built relationships with medical professionals and other experts who can help him build a strong case. 

Extensive Medical Malpractice Background 

His case history includes many medical malpractice and birth injury cases. He has achieved successful outcomes for his clients in the past and can do the same for your family. 

Personalized Attention 

He cares about his clients as people and understands how deeply a birth injury can affect your entire family. When working with our firm, you will get one-on-one attention from our birth injury attorney.

The Time Limit for Filing a Lawsuit 

In Utah, the statute of limitations for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit is two years after the date of the injury.

Because unnecessary delays can affect the ultimate outcome of your case and make it more difficult to illustrate how negligence directly caused your injury, you are encouraged to take legal action as soon as possible. Contact our birth injury lawyer to schedule your free consultation.

2 years

Birth Injury vs. Birth Defects

These two very different conditions are frequently confused. Here are the distinctions:

Birth Injury Birth Defect
Caused during birthing Not caused during birthing
Physical injury to infant's organs, bones, or brain Defects caused by genetic or congenital issues
Result of medical malpractice Result of natural causes 

To determine whether you have a case, it is important to understand the difference between birth injuries and birth defects. If you suspect that your child's injury was avoidable and directly caused by medical negligence, contact us today

Types of Injuries and Conditions Resulting from Malpractice or Negligence

The birth of your child should be one of the most joyous and exciting experiences in your life. But when there are complications during birth, that joy often turns to a feeling of helplessness. Our injury lawyer, Mr. Harris, is prepared to guide his clients through the legal process and hold those medical professionals and institutions responsible for negligence that caused:
Baby with cerebral palsy

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a chronic condition caused by an injury to the brain during or shortly after birth. Children who suffer from this condition have difficulty with muscle movements, motor skills, balance, and coordination. Cerebral palsy can also have damaging effects on your child's speech and motor development, and require years of therapies and treatments. Speak with our attorney if you think your child has cerebral palsy as a result of medical malpractice or negligence. 

Baby with Erb's Palsy receiving physical therapy

Brachial Plexus Palsy (Erb's Palsy)

This condition is often the result of a medical professional being negligent and injuring the infant's brachial plexus, which is the group of nerves that control the movements and sensations in their arms. This typically occurs when there is difficulty freeing the baby's shoulder after the head has appeared. Some babies will require physical therapy or even surgery to regain normal function of their arms and shoulders.

Mother holding newborn baby

Shoulder Dystocia

Shoulder dystocia occurs during birth after the child's head has emerged, but the shoulders are caught behind the mother's pubic bone. If the problem is not addressed properly, the infant can suffer nerve damage and possible paralysis to the arms and hands. If a doctor has little knowledge of shoulder dystocia and fails to address the condition properly, the outcome can be catastrophic for the injured.

If you suspect that your child's injury was avoidable and directly caused by medical negligence, it's time to speak to an attorney.
Lynn C. Harris

Lynn C. Harris

Lynn Harris is a personal injury attorney dedicated to helping victims rebuild their lives. He does not collect compensation unless you do

He can arrange to meet you at the location nearest you. If you or a loved one has been injured, reach out to our firm online or call (801) 375-9801 today.

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