Medical Malpractice, Car Accident, Personal Injury Case Testimonials

The following are a few testimonials from our clients. We have asked a client from each of the main areas of our practice, including car accidents,medical malpractice, and personal injury, to tell a little about their experience with our firm. If you or a loved one has been a victim of personal injury, medical malpractice, or a car accident, personal injury attorneys Lynn Harris and Jeffery Gooch can help you seek restitution.

Pauline and Kent Perry - Northern Utah - Medical Malpractice

"Pauline was injured in the Twin Falls Hospital. She was given a tetanus shot in her buttock, which permanently damaged the sciatic nerve. We chose another lawyer and a month prior to the court date he had completed only a few depositions and had not called any of the doctors. He was supposed to be a good attorney, but he was not willing to put any money or effort into the case. The other attorney wanted us to settle prior to court for $100,000 - $150,000 and said that was a 'good settlement'.

We had heard about Lynn Harris from a friend who had utilized his services previously, so we went to Lynn with our case. Lynn agreed to take the case.

We were very impressed from the start with Lynn 's professionalism, his attentiveness to our case and the fact that he was willing to spend money to properly complete our case and take it to trial. The case went to trial and ended up netting an award in our favor of $1.7 million. The case went to the Supreme Court on appeal and the verdict came back with a 5-0 decision in Pauline's favor. The final award with interest ended up being $2.1 million, which is a far cry from the $100,000 - $150,000 the other attorney said was a 'great deal'.

Based on this information and the care that he gave to us, we would recommend Lynn Harris to anybody with an injury or who has been in an accident. You can be assured, at least from our experience, that he will put 100% into your case."

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Pauline and Kent Perry

Valerie Harrison - Provo, Utah - Car Accident and Wrongful Death

"My husband was killed suddenly in a car accident. We were scheduled to move four weeks later. I asked a friend, who is the city attorney, for a referral. I wanted an honest lawyer who was also experienced and knowledgeable in wrongful death cases. He gave me one name, Lynn Harris. We met and I felt really good about him and we proceeded with the case. It was a very difficult time for my four daughters and me. We moved and Lynn took care of everything. He kept me up to date on all the details through phone calls and the mail, because I had moved out of state. When decisions needed to be made, he told me what he recommended but let me choose for myself. When the insurance company was trying to get out of paying, Lynn did extra work reconstructing the accident and the variables. We did win the case and were able to get some college funds for the girls and some financial security. Lynn has helped our family tremendously. Lynn really did care about us and has become a dear friend."

Valerie Harrison

Ken and Michell Hardman - Orem, Utah - Third Party Job Site Claim - Personal Injury

"In May of 1993, Ken was severely injured in an industrial accident that left him disabled. Because of Lynn Harris' extensive knowledge and understanding of Utah and Federal laws, we were able to file a third party suit that resulted in a winning situation for us. Not only was Lynn knowledgeable, he was persistent and caring. He treated us not as "clients" but as friends. Lynn is unpretentious, knowledgeable, understanding and not afraid to share his information. He kept us informed and explained to us the intricacies of the law in terms we could understand. We would not hesitate to highly recommend Lynn Harris to any and all of our friends and acquaintances who are in need of legal advice. In fact, we have done so several times."

Ken and Michell Hardman

Laura and Kevin Blackburn - Central Utah - Medical Malpractice

"Lynn Harris was more than we expected from an attorney. He has become a friend we hope to have for life. When we first contacted him, he was very interested in listening to our story and drove almost 300 miles to meet with our family. The one thing we always appreciated about him is the fact that he was willing to answer any and all questions. We wanted to be very involved in the whole process, and Lynn was more than willing to give us frequent updates. His knowledge in the area of medical malpractice is amazing. We would recommend him to anyone who has a question or is dealing with a fault by their doctors or hospital"

Laura and Kevin Blackburn

Debra Jenkins - Idaho Falls, Idaho - Medical Malpractice

On October 28, 1998, our son was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho. It seemed to be a normal labor until at the end when our son, Kaden, got stuck. He was posterior. The doctor used a suction cup and then forceps to yank the baby out and finally he was born but with much damage. Kaden has third nerve and seventh nerve palsy created by subdermal hematomas. His eyes are permanently damaged as well as some impairment in his cognitive development.

We retained an attorney at first, but seemed to be doing nothing on our case and the statue of limitations was almost up. We finally received the name of Lynn Harris and went to work. We were amazed at the expert witnesses he had lined up to see Kaden and how he was willing to put up the money necessary to try this kind of malpractice case. It certainly takes someone with this kind of experience and guts to win a case such as ours.

We ended up settling out of court and our son now has some financial backing for his needed health care and schooling needs. He also has a nest egg for support for the rest of his life. We are indeed grateful to Lynn Harris for not giving up on our case and pushing it to the limit for Kaden.

Debra Jenkins

Linda and Mike Schaffer - West Valley, Utah - Medical Malpractice

Linda had a lateral release and scope of the left knee. About 10 days later she was taken to the hospital with full-blown staff infection. Her left knew was damaged beyond repair. After months of run-around and second opinions we were advised to seek legal advice.

We called the law firm on the back of the "phonebook," they said we had no case and it was a conflict of interest. We called the advertised firm "One call does it all," we were told it was a case that was hard to prove and wouldn't be worth looking at. These people didn't even have us come in. They told us no on the phone!

A few months went by and Linda's knee was causing her to have problems performing her duties at her job. She was working fewer hours. I was forced to get a second job. I was working 90 hours a week to keep up afloat!

One day at Linda's job a client asked Linda about her bandaged knee. Linda told her story and in turn he gave Linda a name of an attorney who helped him in a malpractice case and did very well.

Lynn Harris not only took our call, but had us come in and see him. He took our case! With Lynn 's expert knowledge and his excellent legal team they found things about our case that we would have never found out!

Lynn has vast experience and expert professionals to back him up. In the end Lynn was able to settle our case for a significant amount of money, out of court and did it just before we were about to lose everything we had worked for!

Today, Linda is home and I only work one job thanks to Lynn Harris.

We would recommend Lynn Harris to anyone with medical problems that need answers. Lynn is not only our lawyer but a good friend also! We would call Lynn even to get a referral for legal problems not in his field! After our case was over Lynn introduced us to trusted people and showed us many different ways on how to manage our settlement award. To us that was going the extra mile!!

After everyone said we had no case, it was Lynn Harris with his knowledge, expertise, and legal team that proved everyone wrong!!

Linda and Mike Schaffer

Rhonda Merriweather - Tremonton, Utah - Car Accident

February 1997, my entire life changed. I was working full time as a Registered Nurse in a rural hospital in an administrative position. The two most important things in my life at that time were my family and my career. My children at that time were ages 17, 13, and 11 months. I had everything going for me in my life. Then, on February 29, 1997, I was involved in a car accident. At first it seemed like a minor accident, I was hit in the rear end of my Ford Explorer by a sports vehicle going approximately 40 mph while I was at a stand still position. I could see this car coming at me so I braced myself by gripping the steering wheel and closing my eyes. The impact was loud and jarring. My son was in his car seat in the middle seat and was screaming. I had enough adrenaline to have picked my car up off the ground, I was so concerned for my son. When I knew he had no apparent injuries that is when I noticed a few of my own. My neck was starting to hurt and I started to get a headache. After the young driver was cited for the accident I went straight to the Doctor's office for an evaluation. It was from this point my condition deteriorated. I was suffering from severe neck pain and horrendous migraines. It started to affect my career and my family life the pain was becoming unbearable. October 17, 1997, my condition exacerbated, and I was put in the hospital. As my condition worsened, I was transferred to McKay Dee Hospital to a specialist. It was at this time that the significance of my injuries was discovered. The Doctor who was caring for me informed me that these injuries were life altering and my life, that I hoped to regain, was a fading dream. When my husband and I had mentioned to the Doctor that the insurance company had approached us and wanted us to sign a release form, he then suggested we get a good attorney.

I met Lynn Harris after I had spoken with a friend of mine who had suffered an injury from a medical malpractice incident. My friend had all the confidence in Lynn and knew that he would represent my case well. Lynn researched my case for months and researched my medical records and spoke directly with my care physicians. My case was against State Farm Insurance. I have heard of the hell these insurance companies could put an individual through but one doesn't know until they go through it themselves. At this point I had been off of work for approximately nine months, was no longer in my administrative position and not only suffered from chronic pain but severe depression. The medical bills were mounting and State Farm approached us with a figure of $90,000.00. This was a slap in the face for us considering our medical bills had far exceeded this amount. The hope of settling out of court was becoming less and less of a possibility. This case ended up going to court with an eight-person jury. The reasoning for my pain that State Farm came up with was baffling. The remarks made by State Farm lawyers were so below the belt I felt it wise not to have my parents support through this. Lynn represented my case 100 percent. We had a specialist fly in from out of state to represent me. Lynn is a professional and he goes the extra mile to win your case.

The end of my story is a pleasant one. Lynn won my case, and it happens to have been the largest amount awarded to a person in Box Elder County. Lynn is a fighter and he will get you every penny you deserve. I don't only consider Lynn my representing lawyer, but he has become a very good friend to family and extended family. I trust Lynn and do not hesitate to recommend him to those in need.

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Rhonda Merriweather

Dr. Kathleen Kruger - Hemet, California - Medical Malpractice

Over four years ago my husband and I waited with great anticipation for the birth of our granddaughter. My husband was terminally ill and it was his last wish to see his new granddaughter. Time was running out for him and beginning for our grandchildren. On December 19, 2000, I went to be present at the birth of our granddaughter. What happened that day could only be described as a nightmare.

My beautiful granddaughter's ears were ripped nearly off by an incompetent medical doctor using "forceps" who seemed to be in a hurry to get to something other than the birth of this child. Our granddaughter was transferred to a children's hospital where they reattached her ears and treated her seizures.

She suffered damage that was inexcusable and tragic. She was in intensive care for a month. My daughter's life was turned upside down and she and her husband became very unstable. My husband hung on to await the answer to the life of our granddaughter.

We retained an attorney who almost blew the statute of limitations and did not want to spend the money it would take to aid my granddaughter. Then we met Lynn. He made me the guardian ad ltem for Amber and he fought for her and my daughter.

It is said that attorneys should not get emotionally involved with their clients, but with Lynn it became personal. He fell in love with that wonderful and gorgeous baby Amber. He really liked my daughter and felt that what had happened was a travesty. And he fought for them; spent money needed to prove our case and won for us. My granddaughter will have the necessary things she is going to need for life.

Can I recommend Lynn Harris whole-heartedly? Yes I can. As a Pastor with legal education and a PH.D. in Biblical Studies, I have worked with many attorneys, but never have I found and attorney that is more concerned for his clients that himself. That is until I met Lynn Harris and watched him fight for my loved ones. If you are looking for an honest attorney to handle your legal case, choose carefully and choose those who have ethics, and legal expertise that is needed. Lynn has those qualifications.

Dr. Kathleen R. Kruger

Lynn C. Harris

Lynn C. Harris

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