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A ground-up view of a sonte pillar building's facade with blue sky and light clouds in the background.Utah wrongful death lawyer Lynn Harris was born, raised, and educated in the state of Utah. He graduated from Brigham Young University and later attended law school in California at the University of the Pacific, where he graduated in 1978. He has since specialized in the legal fields of personal injury and wrongful death in Utah.

Wrongful death lawyer Mr. Harris served on the Board of Governors of the Utah Trial Lawyers Association (UTLA), and is currently a member of the advisory board. The UTLA is an organization of personal injury attorneys dedicated to the preservation of individual rights of the injured citizen, the preservation of the civil jury system, and full access by the injured public to all of the courts of the state of Utah.

Personal injury attorney Mr. Harris is one of the original founders of the Utah Citizen Alliance (UCA). The UCA was organized to allow citizens of the state of Utah with a personal injury to have a voice at the state Legislature. Their joint efforts preserve the jury system of justice in an organized and unified voice. Their goal is to stop the organized effort to destroy and limit an individual's right to receive full and complete compensation for a personal injury sustained due to the fault and carelessness of others. The current president, past president, and executive director of the UCA are former personal injury clients, and many of the original members and officers are former personal injury clients of the firm.

What Personal Injury Attorney Lynn Harris Does

Personal injury and wrongful death lawyer Lynn Harris represents individuals who have been victims of medical malpractice, personal injury and wrongful death in Utah and several other western states. He helps personal injury victims and their families obtain fair and just compensation for a personal injury caused by the wrongful and careless acts of others. Utah wrongful death lawyer Lynn Harris' expertise includes personal injury, medical malpractice, brain injury, birth injury (including cerebral palsy and child death), car accidents, wrongful death, product liability, and workplace injuries.

Personal injury attorney Mr. Harris has successfully obtained either monetary settlements or jury verdicts for victims and their families in a variety of cases. He has tried cases against:

  • Insurance companies who insure automobile drivers.
  • Insurance companies who insure trucking companies and truck drivers.
  • Insurance companies who insure hospitals, including those owned and operated by large corporate chains and hospitals located in large urban areas or the rural intermountain West.
  • Insurance companies who insure medical doctors, nurses, dentists, and other health care providers. Claims have been successfully filed against obstetricians, orthopedic surgeons, emergency room physicians, ICU physicians, anesthesiologists, family practitioners, general surgeons, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other health care providers.
  • Insurance companies who insure homeowners, homeowners associations, and condominium associations.
  • Insurance companies who insure architects, builders, general contractors, and property owners.
  • Insurance companies who insure oil and gasoline refineries.
  • Insurance companies who insure rock-and-roll bands, rock-and-roll concerts, and rock-and-roll venues.
  • Insurance companies who insure state, county, city, and other governmental agencies, including state and county owned hospitals, the Department of Transportation (DOT), city street departments, and other governmental maintenance agencies.
  • Insurance companies or corporations who insure automobile manufacturers.
  • Insurance companies who insure manufacturers of products including portable space heaters, trailer hitches, and blood products.

A Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Client's Right To Compensation

If you have suffered personal injury, loss, or damage because of another person's negligent or wrongful act, you may be entitled to compensation. To preserve your right to compensation and to protect your right to file a personal injury claim in Utah, it is of supreme importance to take immediate action.

When your well-being and livelihood are at stake due to personal injury or wrongful death, early legal evaluation is essential. Without adequate legal help, your rights may be lost or seriously compromised. In order to prove a wrongful death or personal injury claim, evidence of the injury and evidence of your damages must be discovered in a timely manner. Therefore, prompt investigation of the personal injury or wrongful death incident could make a difference.

A delay may legally waive your right to file a personal injury claim or action. Timely filing and the legal "service" of personal injury claims are critical because there are time limitations for filing personal injury claims in Utah. Depending on the legal status of a potential defendant, the time limitation for a personal injury case may be as short as one year from the date of the personal injury! In other instances, the time limitation may be two, three, or even four years. It is very important to understand any time limitations so you can avoid unintentionally - but legally - waiving your right to pursue a personal injury claim. This is a very complex area and legal advice regarding personal injury is crucial!

What Our Services Cost

No recovery - no fee. It's as simple as that. If we take your personal injury claim and do not recover any money, you pay us nothing.

Personal injury and wrongful death lawyer Lynn Harris in Utah offers free consultations, so it is 100 percent free to discuss the merits of your potential personal injury or wrongful death claim. There is no charge to discuss whether or not you or your loved ones have the legal right to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim for compensation. If we determine that your personal injury or wrongful death claim merits legal action and our services are necessary, a contingent fee contract employing our professional resources will be prepared and signed by the client and the personal injury or wrongful death lawyer.

The terms and fees at our Utah firm are designed to be fair, both to the firm and to the client. If we obtain a settlement prior to 30 days before a trial, you will pay us for our services - one-third of the amount recovered - together with the reimbursement of any litigation costs we have paid on your behalf. If the matter proceeds to arbitration or trial, then the fee is 40 percent of any amount received or recovered before deducting costs. There are some exceptions to these arrangements if the area of law is regulated by statute; however, in the majority of cases, the fees are negotiated between the wrongful death or personal injury client and our Utah firm and are not set by law.

How We Help Our Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Clients

Upon acceptance of your wrongful death or personal injury case, our professional resources will be focused on resolving the unique issues of your case and obtaining the maximum recovery. No one can ever completely remedy the devastation of serious personal injury and disability, but we can recover the financial resources necessary to help put your life back together after becoming the victim of wrongful death or personal injury.

Our Utah firm prepares all wrongful death and personal injury claims with attention to detail. Because of this, many personal injury and wrongful death cases do settle without the need for a trial. However, if attendance at a mediation conference or court becomes necessary, our clients will be well prepared and well represented by personal injury and wrongful death lawyer Lynn Harris of Utah.

  • A contract for our professional service means experienced legal representation and the resources to:
  • Evaluate, present, and preserve the legal issues of your personal injury or wrongful death claim.
  • Perform or obtain a thorough investigation of the facts and events of your personal injury, involving both a factual and legal investigation of your claim.
  • Retain competent and qualified experts to evaluate and testify to the merits of your case and prove the elements of your action. Experts range from accident specialists and medical specialists to economic specialists in the area of your claim. If necessary, "world class" experts will be involved to present elements of your personal injury or wrongful death case.
  • Obtain proper medical assessment and treatment from local, intermountain West, and national medical advisors.
  • Evaluate the personal, emotional, and economic losses of your personal injury or wrongful death claim. Through the retention of economic, medical, and vocational rehabilitation experts, the claims adjuster, mediator, or a jury member will be well educated to the full extent of your injuries.
  • Assess future care needs. Whether the needs are in the medical area or in the area of employment income losses, experts will evaluate and explain the extent of losses due to personal injury or wrongful death.
  • Powerful negotiations, mediations, and trials.

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